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About Q10 Gate Automation

We're big enough to deliver, but small enough to care

At Q10 Gate Automation, our expertise in the world of gate automation spans over two decades. Based in Staffordshire and founded by an industry veteran with more than 20 years of experience, our company is built on a foundation of unwavering commitment to excellence and safety.

Our founder's expertise is a testament to our dedication to delivering top-notch gate automation services. With a deep understanding of the industry's intricacies, we are here to set new standards for gate installation, maintenance, repairs, and upgrades.

At Q10 Gate Automation, we bring a fresh perspective to the world of gate automation, blending modern technology with years of industry insight. We're passionate about creating secure, convenient, and reliable gate solutions that meet the unique needs of our clients.

Trust us to be your gate automation partner, where experience, innovation, and customer satisfaction converge. Discover a safer, smarter future with Q10 Gate Automation today.

Gate Automation Services

Your local Gate experts in and arround Staffordshire

Installation Services

Gate Automation Installation in and arround Staffordshire.

Repairs & Upgrades

Gate Automation repairs & upgrades in and arround Staffordshire.

Maintenance Services

Gate Automation maintenance in and arround Staffordshire.

Ready to enhance your gate's security and convenience? Contact us now for a free, no-obligation quote or advice, and let's get started on your customised gate automation solution today.

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We are happy to answer all your questions on everything regarding electric gates. If you can’t find the answer you need here please do contact us and we will be happy to help.

I’ve not bought electric gates before – where do I start?

Simply contact us! We are happy to visit you, see where the gates will go, and discuss all the options with you. We’ll explain everything simply and clearly. There’s no obligation and no pressure.

How long does it take you to install a gate?

For domestic gates it usually takes one or two days to complete the installation. This depends on factors like the gate control system you have chosen. We will discuss this with you before we start work. We always aim to keep noise and disruption to a minimum.

How do I control my electric gate?

There are lots of options, which can easily be combined. Just choose whatever works best for you. The options include remote GSM control key fobs, internal release buttons with intercoms, and numeric keypads. To allow visitors to leave you can use release buttons or keypads inside your premises.

Do I need planning permission from my council for an electric gate?

That depends. Automating an existing manual gate does not need planning permission. Adding a new electric gate probably will, so it’s always best to check with your local council - we can help you with this too.

Are electric gates reliable?

Yes electric gates are very reliable, given the correct installation and care. We provide routine preventative maintenance packages: please contact us to find out more.

Wooden electric gates need regular painting: is there an maintenance free alternative?

There is. Composite and uPVC electric gates look just like wooden gates, and are maintenance free.

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